Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Tuesday is a Rugby Day

Tonight, I am strapping on the rugby boots for the first time in about four months and actively participating in my first rugby practice. Now, I'm not sure how much I will actually be able to accomplish or even complete but I'm going to go out there and do as much as I can. I have to be somewhat realistic in what I can and cannot do because, after all, I do want to be able to walk for the next forty to fifty years of my life.

What sucks is that I know that the tackling drills are going to be my downfall and they have been for the last two seasons. Last fall, I would get searing pains running down my legs during tackling drills and made it as far as the second match of the season before my doctor put the kabosh on me going much further without allowing my body time to recuperate and heal itself.

This spring it came back again and sent me into three months of physical therapy. I know I have a lot more thigh and knee strength than I did before (which is nice) but I am concerned about whether or not I may be doing more damage to myself by continuing to play.

One day at a time, I've told myself. One day at a time.
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