Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The Lamest Thing I Have Ever Seen

I was doing my morning reading which always includes a stop by her when I saw

Apparently this stupid bizzitch decided that she had nothing better to do than to go and swipe an entire post off of Fish's site and post it on her own site (with just one small adjustment moving it from the office to a library).

(If you want a side-by-side comparison of the two then first click here to read the Fish version of it all and then you can go here and're gonna read the exact same thing.) much must you SUCK if you have to blatantly rip off something that someone else wrote. On their own site no less. Something that clearly isn't something that you wrote and is clearly not on the same writing level as yours, Ms. Emu, because, frankly, I read some of your site and it's not up to the snuff that Fish is putting out there. Hell, what I write isn't even Fish-worthy.

Anyway...give this chick some hell. When someone does shit like this to one of my friends, it really makes me want to see what the karmic backlash is gonna be...

P.S. Apparently, after reading some of Fish's comments on her recent plagerization, this chick is apparently so clueless as a writer that she's ripping off stuff from a lot of other people...including her own damn to those people I said weren't up to Fish's writing style...well it's only because I loves me Fishie so much that I must defend her honor at the drop of a hat....

Anyway...if you want to know more about Catherine Dwyer (Ms. Emu herself) then go here to where another site finally tracked down who was plagerizing them on the Emu site. I suggest we all go through her posts with a fine tooth comb. I'm sure we'll all be in there somewhere.
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