Thursday, August 26, 2004

A moment to be proud of...

Remember in this post I made the comment about how good I was being in holding off on calling SkiGuy...well I did hold off...until Monday afternoon. Now mind you, the old me would have been calling the very next day but I decided to play it a little cool and aloof and see if absence does make the heart (or any other vital body organs) grow fonder. When I called on Monday I got his voicemail and in the middle of leaving him a message to see if he was available to get together this weekend, I realized that he was in Toronto on a job interview (the job is in NYC, but they have headquarters in Toronto) and figured I wouldn't hear from him for a while.

Well, he just called. He did get the job (because I was smart enough to ask how the trip went) and...well...we have plans to get together this weekend. He's going to call me either tomorrow or Saturday and we're going to set some plans up to get together.

Holy shit...another date with SkiGuy...who would have thunk that would happen?
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