Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Identity Theft

Who knew someone else wanted to be the 646 Guy?

I got a call from my credit card company about some unusual charges that had been made on my one and only credit card I have remaining (which resides with my mother as I am working to pay it off and don't get it back until there's a zero balance).

Did you know that I currently own a nice flat screen TV and a 20GB IPod? And that I bought these things in Texas? Well I don't. The bastards who took off with my card info do...and to make it even better, they called my credit card company to get a line increase and decided that they were going to make a payment on my account as well from my bank account. Since they had all of the necessary info to get my credit card info, apparently they knew enough to trigger all the commands to get a payment from my checking account onto my card to give them some wiggle room.

What triggered it was the fact that the card has been dormant for some time (almost 2 years now) as I'm paying off the (now not-so) heinous amount I charged on it during my reckless youth and they just wanted to see if it was really me making these charges.

It wasn't. They've cancelled the card (thank God), my bank has been informed (although it is another $500 off of my balance but WAY more than I can afford to do especially as it fucked up my rent too...BASTARDS), and I've put more security coding in on my card to make sure that only I can make payments over the phone. This makes me want to bang my head on the desk until I pass out.

Now I just gotta wonder who is going to play me in the commercial of this incident...well do the voice at least...they've done the redneck, the geek, the ditz, the trailer trash woman, the slimey guy....maybe someone Eurotrashy for me...with a thick German accent...

At least I can keep my sense of humor about this...
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