Monday, July 26, 2004

The weekend in review

Friday night -- Had dinner with the Wonder Twink. We went to Blue Smoke and pretty much talked about everything under the sun from romance and rugby to politics and growing up. Rat killing came up a few times too. Apparently Wonder Twink thinks that I am going to hell for it too considering that he thinks I wasn't too humane in my treatment of them.

Saturday -- Did not a damn thing. Did some cleaning, some straightening of the bedroom, but other than that, nothing really noteworthy or fabulous. Kind of a boring lazy day around the apartment. The roomies did get their new leather sofa though so it was kinda cool to have that come in and watch them put it together. Other than that, I confirmed plans with Daddy Guy to see The Threepenny Opera (from whence the tune "Mack the Knife" made it's debut) at the Jean Cocteau Repertory the following day.

Sunday -- Woke up later than I wanted to and ran into the city to take care of a few last minute errands. Noticed that my fecal excrement was practically albino (which I know you all really wanted to hear but let's face it...up until that point, it was the entire highlight of my weekend to notice that my shit was looking pretty damn white...). Went into the city and did some email work at the Internet cafe since I still don't have the cable modem at home and met up with Daddy Guy for a pre-show drink.

Now at this point, we entered the theatre and I turned off my cell phone (because it's the polite thing to do ya know) and sat back to enjoy the show. First and foremost, the woman playing Mrs. Peachum had a very sharp singing voice. Everytime she opened her mouth to sing I inwardly cringed. I would have cringed outwardly but considering we were in the front row that would have been rude. Macheath though was pretty damn hot and at one point in the show he pretty much got right into my face and asked if I had been with his Polly as well. It took quite a bit to resist the urge to blow him a kiss. After the show Daddy Guy and I took a copious amount of time staring at him since he was only in shorts and a tank top.

Now, here's the kicker of it all. At the first intermission (it's nearly a three hour show so there are two intermissions), Daddy Guy and I head outside to get some fresh air and I pull out the cell phone to check the time. Turning the phone on the first thing I see is that I have a new message so I go to listen to it and if I didn't have Daddy Guy standing in front of me, I would have fallen down the steps onto the sidewalk and rolled into the street when I heard who had called me.


The man who made my month of February pretty damn happy and made me believe in love and romance again. The man who ultimately made me also believe in rejection and heart ache again.

Okay so why did he call me...well I've been do I phrase this...well...I figured, if anything, I would try to salvage a friendship out of what we shared so I would occasionally shoot him an email if something interesting came up involving the Martha Stewart trial and I would sometimes get a response and finally...well...don't ask me why....but I shot him a message saying as follows:

Greetings SkiGuy...just dropping you a quick line to let you know that my sublet in Hells Kitchen is over and I've moved to an apartment out in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Cheaper rent and no more walking to work, but finally a place to call home after last year's fire left me temporarily homeless. I'm still with EvilFrenchBank (or as we are now known, TheReallySuperEvilFrenchBank) and the rugby team. I'm still in physical therapy to get my knees healed enough to play in the fall.

I hope all is well with you and would like to get together for drinks or dinner in the coming weeks. I really enjoyed the time we spent together and would, if you are interested, like to see you again.

Hope all is well. My cell phone number is still


Mind you I sent this message on July 5th and he read it on July 7th. I felt it was pretty innocuous and if he never got back in touch with me then it would be fine. I didn't profess any undying love or anything that would make him think I'm more of a freak than I already am.

I haven't called him yet. I'm planning on doing that some time today. Let's let him wait for a while for a response. :)
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