Friday, July 09, 2004

Sigh...and it's another week...

So...just got word that my internet and cable connection in my new apartment is delayed by another week. It's not really a bad thing as much as it is an inconvenience.

Frankly, there's not that much that I'm missing on TV that I would really want to see (except for the occasional show here and there and the endless loop of Law and Order episodes) but the internet connection is really where it bites the most since I just started my own event planning business and am working on a multitude of projects that require me to be online.

The solution, of course, is to go to the large Internet cafe in Times Square (which I have done...don't really like going there but I do anyway since it's relatively cheap to get a long term pass and then there's the homeless people to deal with who tend to waft in and out and stare at you). I'm using the Internet connection at the office to post my missives to the world as you can see but when it's 9:30 at night and you want to email something out...well it just kinda sucks not having that instantly at my fingertips.

I never really thought about the "not having TV" option as of late. I mean, I, episodes of various TV shows which I've downloaded and burned onto disc and I've spent a few nights going through old episodes of Will & Grace, Friends, Sex and the City. It's kind of mindless but it works. Lots of reading I've been able to catch up on...but there are times when you just want something like an old Match Game episode to sink your teeth into...

Then there's the love life to talk about. Daddy Guy is still around. ExpoMan is there too. There's Doc Man II...that's right, there's a new doctor in town and this one actually lives in town and not at the far end of Long Island where only four or five trains deign to stop each day. I mean, Doctor Man I is a nice guy and very attractive, but at the same time is kinda flaky. Doc Man II is 41 (what is it with me and older men?) and is in the city. Had a nice talk with him last night and hope to do so again soon if not meet up for full out dinner.

So...that's really about it. Been kinda virginal, still dating multiple men. Still trying to settle down. Still trying to make this crazy thing we call life work.

And, trust me, it's work.
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