Friday, July 23, 2004


I really haven't been inspired to do much writing in the blog lately. You've probably figured that out since I haven't been doing much writing here as of late.

I guess like him and her, I've considered either shutting down the whole operation rather than taking a break that I may or may not return from.

When I started blogging, I was unemployed, looking for work, and needed something to fill the void in my day. Then I got work, it was cool to blog about the weird and offbeat things that would happen in my whacked out life, and get the thrill of doing it surreptitiously at the office knowing that I could be caught at any moment.

But now, over two years later, I'm wondering if I've reached my peak and have just been sliding down the long tortuous path ever since. Yeah we had the good days of me dating four or five guys at the same time, working at various awards shows, and the occasional mention of a little "slap and tickle." There was the occasional theme week in the Quote of the Day but really...why am I here? What's there to talk about anymore?

I dunno. Maybe after this weekend I'll have a better clue as to what's going on. Maybe I'm just in a wee bit of a funk. Hehehehe. I first typed "fuck" instead of "funk." Wow...that's kinda sad to think that's all it took to amuse me for all of four seconds.

Oh well. Funk or's all good in one way or another.

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