Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Return of SkiGuy

So...SkiGuy and I finally talked last night.

You're probably wondering why it took so long for me to call him back. Well, I had a problem undertanding his phone number in the voicemail and wound up calling two or three other people and not getting anywhere close to his actual phone number. The kicker of it all is that a few days prior I had deleted his cell phone number from my phone directory.

Smart move, huh?

So there I was last night at a rugby team meeting when my cell phone goes off. Mind you, I don't have a typical cell phone ring. I have Aretha Frankin singing "Chain of Fools" as my ring. This of course brought gales of laughter from my teammates and a little redness to the face from me. It was SkiGuy calling and I felt bad telling him I had to call him back since I was in the middle of a meeting but at least I had the right number this time.

With that call done, I wrapped up my portion of the meeting so I could get back to the office and decided to give him a quick call back. We talked for a while as he was out running errands and agreed to call him back when I got home. Of course, this is in the middle of a torrential downpour and I look like I've wet the front of my pants despite the fact that I'm carrying an umbrella.

Regardless, I got home, took a quick shower, got into some dry clothes and saw that SkiGuy had called. I quickly got comfortable on my bed and called him back. Overall it was a good conversation and it was nice to catch up with him and I resisted the urge to mentally pick out a china pattern with him. However, it was getting late and as we wrapped up he said, "Well, you have my phone number. Give me a call and we can get a drink together."

I'm taking that as a positive sign. If anything, a friendship wouldn't be a total loss. :)
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