Thursday, February 16, 2006

Star Search Challenge Gets Three and a Quarter Stars

Today is the first day back on the job since the surgery. Thanks for all the good comments and vibes. The nose is fine and just have to keep blowing it so I can make sure I get everything out from my sinuses. The throat is still a little sore from the tonsils and I talk a little funny but I'm learning to drop my jaw more when I talk so my tongue doesn't get in the way. Hopefully this part gets healed and normal soon because the surgery to have your tongue shortened is a bitch.

I also got a paper copy of my job review. Mind you, since starting to work here in 2002, I've never had a formal review before so when I learned that this was happening I was alternately thrilled (because let's face it, you never know how you're doing on the job until your review) and scared (because I freakin' hate review/raise/bonus season). Basically, it all stems from a performance review I got at the last company I worked for in Florida where I busted my butt of and was constantly praised in front of my peers and management as exceeding all expectations and then when I got my review it said, "Meets Requirements." I had my talk with the boss who claimed to have high standards and when I had my turn to write something at the bottom of the review, I scrawled in large letters, "Based upon conversations had between myself, this manager, and department management and the comments she has expressed in their presence, the rating of 'Meets Requirements' makes no sense." My boss was shocked that I would write that on there but it was the truth.

To be honest, I'm surprised it was as good as it was. I'm not overwhelmed or thrilled by it, but still...MUCH better than what I thought it was going to be. I have only one point to quibble over with them but that's really it. I think it's going to be an interesting conversation that I'm actually looking forward to where I hope to challenge them as much as they plan to challenge me. I look at this as an opportunity to make my job worth staying at rather than wanting to look somewhere else.
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