Friday, February 10, 2006

Return to the doc

Well I had to make an excursion back to the ENT today.

What I didn't know/realize is that my doc had put a plastic casing in my nose to help it maintain its shape, position, etc. I thought it was this big piece of dried blood and snot combo that has been plaguing me forever and I've been trying to flush it out with the saline solution. Well apparently I tried too hard because I moved it a bit and that started my nose bleeding....and it wouldn't stop.

It was back to the ENT where I learned that this was something he had put up inside me and he had to shove it back into place (FUN!) as well as pack my nose with some biomaterial to help it clot and not hurt when it gets pulled out.

On the plus side of it all, I did get to go through the litany of small events (like the big blood/mucus/saliva combo I spit out of my mouth) and apparently it all seems like it's on track and I'm doing well. The packing and the plastic thing come out on Monday morning so we'll see what things are like when I'm not dealing with those two things....
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