Monday, April 04, 2005

The Witch That Wouldn't Melt much rain did we get this weekend?

For some insane reason despite a rising stream behind us, playing on a field that was located DOWNHILL from the main road, and the torrential downpour of rain that had started twelve hours before the match began and didn't let up until I finally got close to home it was a pretty miserable day.

It reminded me a lot of the match we played in Boston a few years ago in the freezing cold and a field that turned to mush under our feet with every step that we took. Part of me was kinda glad that I wasn't out there since I remember how sick I was for days after that match in Boston, but at the same time I wanted to be out there just because I wanted to hit some of the hot guys from the newly formed team really hard. Or at least tackle them and have my hand slip up into their nether regions on the way down.

Anyway...I skipped the after match parties as I had a date that night. Yes, I'm dating again and actually this was the third date that I've had with this guy which is a good sign but not going to go more beyond that on this blog for now. All I will say is that he is very handsome, very well spoken, and has probably the sexiest accent I have ever heard. At least this one hasn't told me to not fall in love with him yet. I spent the night at his place and fully realized once again what I furnace I am when I have too many blankets or sheets or anything on top of me. By the middle of the night I was crawling out from under my wrappings so I could cool off and not sweat like a pig.

So we'll see where this all goes people...

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