Thursday, April 21, 2005

Enough with the words!

Democracy for America wants to put this billboard (chosen by a nationwide poll of their supporters...and not to mention the top vote getter in Texas) in Tom Delay's district as he campaigns to keep his seat next year. Of course the fact that he still has those ethics violations charges against him is kinda fun too.

Ah...politics. Ain't it fun? I'm just waiting for a session of Congress where Nancy Pelosi and Marylin Musgrave start a cat fight and beat each other up like we've seen in other countries' parliaments...maybe we can get stuff like this decided in a WWE cage match. Bill Frist vs. Barack Obama...Denny Hastert and Roy Blunt vs. Howard Dean and Charles Rangel...

It could be hot people! Change the course of the nation forever...enough with the words! Let's bring on the fisitcuffs!
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