Monday, April 18, 2005

New Member of the Cunt List

Post deleted and re-written

Let's just say that I had a big long post written about a certain actress appearing on Broadway who was a total fucking cunt when I asked her to sign an item for our team's rugby auction on eBay. Mind you, I had already sent her a letter at her stage door which she either didn't read or read and ignored but it still doesn't explain her nasty behavior at the stage door when she totally rebuffed myself and a few other people.

And by nasty, she pretty much accused me of lying that the item was for charity even when I pointed out that her co-star had already signed the item in question and that a letter had indeed been sent to her at the stage door. She decided to leave in a huff after I pointed both of these things out to her and pressed the buzzer so she could walk down to the stage door.

Yes, ma'am, that's the way that I want people to remember me. As a total fucking cunt who can't be bothered to do anything. She's now added to a list that includes a cast member on one of the many editions of Law & Order, a former talk show host, and the daughter of a legendary actor who was nominated for a Tony recently and thinks she's the hottest shit on the planet.
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