Monday, January 03, 2005

Stop the Voices!

For some reason I have that stupid song from the movie Grease 2 stuck in my head...and since I have it playing on a constant loop through my head I figure I must share the pain...unless you can come up with something else for me to sing...

I'll be yours in springtime
When the flowers are in bloom
We'll wander through the meadows
In all their sweet perfume
And every night, I'll hold you tight
Beneath that April moon

I'll be your girl for all seasons
All the year through
Your girl for all seasons
'Cause I love, yes I love
To be everything to you, just you

I'll be yours in summer
When we're playing in the sand
We'll spend the day together
Making love and getting tanned
And on the beach on sunset
When we're walking hand and hand

If you fall in the fall,
You'll see September can be heavenly
If you fall, say you'll fall for me
When autumn leaves are falling from the trees

I'll be yours in winter when the snow is on the ground
I'll warm you through December and I'll always be around
We'll kiss below the mistletoe when Santa comes to town

Your girl for all seasons
I'll be your girl for all seasons
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