Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Smackdown in the 646Guy Household

I talked to my mom today. Apparently my grandmother, the psychotic one, decided to call a Come to Jesus Meeting between my parents and herself.

Wrong move. She was totally out of her class.

You have to understand one thing about my family and Come to Jesus Meetings -- If you're going to dish it, you had better damn well be able to take it as well.

My grandmother can't take it.

Apparently, she was under the assumption that my father had said he was going to have her put away when all he really said was that she was getting on his nerves (which for her is VERY easy to do). This argument escalated in to a big huge brouhaha where my dad confronted my grandmother with the fact that she doesn't like my mother at all to which my grandmother blamed on an incident involving an antique sewing machine my mother was promised that wound up with another family member but my mother trumped her and told her that it goes father back than that because she knew that my grandmother threatened to actually say something during that moment in the wedding when you "know any reason why these two should not be married."

Okay that to me was news. I knew my grandmother was pretty much a manipulative bitch but even that surprised me.

Now my grandmother tried to talk her way out of that one but my mother trumped her with the fact that she told her nieces this fact before the wedding but held off on telling her that my grandmother also told the same thing to her brother who also eventually told my mother.

Well everything from there came out and it was a big drag down kickass fight and I'm not sure who is talking to who know or if anyone is talking but all my mother had to say was that she was kinda glad that I wasn't there because she knew that 1) I would probably say something very inappropriate and 2) whatever I said would probably be more of the truth than any of them wanted to hear...

I was kinda disappointed I didn't get to be there for it...
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