Friday, January 14, 2005

Okay...this could be wrong on so many levels....

My friend Kathy is going to Orlando tomorrow to audition for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and their "Walk in and Win" promotion and guess who is one of her phone-a-friends?

My "speciality category" according to her: Stupid, useless shit that she doesn't know that can win her a lot of money.

No, serious. That's my category. Of course there's the more specialized topics like entertainment, awards shows, figure skating, the mysteries of Agatha Christie, etc that she can call me on but when she asks you which city was originally awarded the 1972 Winter Olympics or what was the longest running musical revue on Broadway and you immediately know the correct answers to both (Denver, Colorado, and Smokey Joe's Cafe for the record), then yes...Stupid, Useless Shit is pretty much an appropriate category for you...

If she wins, I get to split whatever level I got her to (for example, if she's going for 16K, then I win 8K if I help her to that level, etc) but that's just between me and her...I hope she gets on because damn that would mean a real nice trip to Italy... :)
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