Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Candle burning at both ends....and the middle too...

There are days I fear I am slowly slipping back into the trend of piling task upon project upon task in an effort to keep myself busy and not allow myself the time to relax and enjoy life.

Earlier this month I agreed to take on the organizing responsibilities should our team be awarded the next Bingham Cup (either in 2005 or 2006). This would mean an intense year (or less than) of promotion, sponsorship gathering, organizing, fending off people who have no business bothering me, headaches, screams, and planning, planning, planning.

At the end of June...I have to move into a new apartment. Therefore there's packing to be done. Things to be thrown away. A little more condensing done. Then again there's also the need for a new apartment. I have a few leads and I'm juggling them as well as I can but ugh it's getting to be a little stressful already.

Finally...argh...FINALLY...there's finances. Somehow I have to manage to live on next to NOTHING (and I do mean NOTHING) for the next 3 more weeks so I can prep, plan, and do whatever I can to make sure this move comes off without a hitch.

Last night I came really close to just breaking down and crying so I could have some emotional outlet and somehow just managed to pull it all together before it really got bad. We're talking about the kind of crying that I normally reserve for the end of A League of Our Own when Geena Davis and Lori Petty's characters have a big hug and seem to reconcile their entire past and for some reason I just find it very moving and start to cry.

And cry and cry and cry and cry. I can't explain it. It's just a reaction.

I think once I finally get some stability in terms of living space and so forth, it's all going to be a good thing.

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