Thursday, July 17, 2003's time for a game I haven't trotted out in a while....Reading Between the Lines! Here are the rules again....four of which is fake...Tell me which story you think is fake in the comment section below...who knows there may be a prize this time! :)

1) Limoing through Madhattan with his posse, bad-boy rapper 50 Cent played Boy Scout when he spied an old gent in a disabled pickup truck stuck in horn-honking traffic. 50 Cent and his doggs got out and pushed the truck several blocks until the geezer was able to pop the clutch and restart the engine. He motored off happily while the rapper and his homies huffed and puffed back to their limo.

2) Jack Nicholson ain't gettin' younger -- but the chicks ARE! The 66-year-old stud's squiring new leading lady Amanda Peet, 31 -- a mere child compared to Jack's ex, Lara Flynn Boyle, who's 33. Sinfully steamy on the set of their still-untitled flick, Amanda and Jack are steady-dating on both coasts. She gushed to pals: "I LOVE spending time alone with him!"

3) Ladies fall down all the time for Colin Farrell -- but the sexy Irish bad-boy freaked when he thought he'd knocked one down with his Harley-Davidson! Colin exited a Madhattan boutique, hopped on his hawg and fired it up with a mighty roar – then looked startled when it suddenly leaped forward a few inches before he got it under control! Just then, a woman crossing the street -- freaked by the sudden racket -- tripped and fell in front of the star's bike…and Colin thought he'd hit her! Horrified, he scrambled to get off and help, but the bike suddenly toppled – and startled bystanders raced over to pull it off him! After a few moments, the confusion was sorted out, the woman said she was fine -- and people started clamoring for autographs! "Another time, please," said the shaken star -- and cautiously roared off!

4) Demi Moore let jailbait Ashton Kutcher out of her sight briefly as he exited the Screen Actors Guild, a gaggle of girls rushed up for his autograph -- and one begged him to ink her bra! Ashton obliged until Demi suddenly caught up, yanked him back by his HAIR and growled, "There'll be none of that!" The girls giggled and screamed as Hot Momma Moore marched Hunky Boy to the car. you know which one is the phony story?
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