Wednesday, July 02, 2003

The internet has pretty much destroyed the fun in arguing over stupid facts. Then again, it’s made everyone at work realize that I know way too much stupid stuff.

Today at work someone started talking about the David Copperfield illusion where he made the Statue of Liberty disappear. Well, having read an article about it in the Straight Dope (gotta love Cecil and that column), I explained how it was done (the audience was on a swivel platform. No one at work believed me. They didn’t believe me when I correctly named the four movies for which Katharine Hepburn won her Academy Awards or the fact that I could name the only two women to have won two Academy Awards for Supporting Actress (Dianne Wiest and Shelly Winters). So I did what anyone would do…I went to the internet.

I found this site which explained how it was done and they weren't impressed. They said I conveniently found one site. So I went out and found this site and this site to back me up.

But what really gets me is that before the Internet, we would debate things like this for days. Now the argument is over in minutes, if not seconds, and you can't even get a good wager in before you find the answer...
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