Friday, July 25, 2003

Shamelessly taken from another site: it's more about Paul Kelly Tripplehorn Jr, our new favorite Congressional intern.

Top Ten Reasons Paul Kelly Tripplehorn Jr is Better than You
10. Paul is at the top of the ladder and hates people like you.
9. Paul can ruin your career by making a few phone calls to his parents' friends.
8. Sure, Paul got fired from his unpaid internship on Capitol Hill, but at least he had one. Can you say the same?
7. Paul spells "hypocrite" the new, hip way. "hipocrit."
6. Same with "discusting."
5. (Paul undoubtedly learned how to spell at the "prestigous" Loomis School.)
4. With a simple phone call, Paul can get you "blackballed" from all of the "prestigous" law schools in the country. It should come as no surprise that his parents have friends that control admissions at all of the top schools, as it's apparent that he didn't get into school based on his stellar English skills.
3. Paul's daddy has a house in Aspen. That's just a simple fact.
2. Most everyone agrees with him about everything always.
1. Paul can project. Can you?
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