Sunday, September 30, 2007

Not My Kinda Town...Maybe

As many of you know, I travel quite a bit for work. I'm on my sixth different city of the year with about four more to go before the tour of duty is over. This time, I'm in San Francisco and I think I can say that this town doesn't agree with me...


I'm not giving up hope on it yet. I'm hoping that it's just the part of town that I'm in for work or the fact that I really haven't had much time to explore the city. However, you just know when you click with a city. I had that with Seattle and it definitely happened with NYC and with Chicago. For some reason I'm not really getting it with San Fran.

It's not the hills. It's not the people. There's just something that I'm missing. The romanticism that I found in the books of my blog's namesake makes me wonder what the hell Mary Ann Singleton saw in this town. Maybe it was totally different in the 70s and early 80s.

I did go to Folsom (that infamous street fair) mainly to see my buds at the Utilikilts booth and maybe see if there was anyone there that could be a potential client at our erotic expos. I was kinda disappointed because I expected the infamous street fair debauchery and when I didn't see it, I kinda chalked it up to not that much in terms of porn or erotica there and the fact that I went a bit early. Was it worth the $5 entrance? Sure. It was definitely interesting to see but at the same time a bit disappointing. Interesting in that a very large (and by large, she was larger than me and the king sized bed in my hotel room) wearing nothing but a bra and panties wanted to talk to me about my camouflage Utilikilt I was wearing. She then lamented that she didn't opt to go naked.

Oh and people were naked. People you didn't really want to see naked were naked. Sadly only one them had anything worth actually seeing. The rest made me want to gouge out my eyes.

So far the highlight has been the BBQ beef sandwich I had at Tommy's Joynt at the corner. I'm hoping that something better comes along.
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