Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Still Not My Kinda Town

Not really digging San Fran. I did see a bit more of the town thanks to my friend Tracey and what I did see was much better than where I am now so part of it may be where I'm staying.

However, let me just say that some of the people here are VERY rude. I put out an ad to find some last minute help and granted we don't pay much but we always get good hard workers from our ads. But the first four responses to my ad were all people criticizing me for our ad and how much we pay and how we'll never get good, trustworthy people and that for the four hours of work that we need people for, we should be paying them twice as much.

Part of me really wanted to respond back to them and tell them they were assholes but I don't have the time or energy to put out that energy out since the powers that rule the karmic backlash will smack me down hard. It just made me dislike the city just a wee bit more.
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