Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm Doing The Best I Can

The post title seems to be my mantra as of late.

For some reason I'm supposed to magically know that the State of New York has changed permitting procedures for certain things.

For some reason I'm supposed to magically know the intimate details of contracts I never saw or signed.

For some reason I feel like I'm fucking useless this week. Nothing I do seems to be right, correct, etc. and my boss is coming down on me for stuff that I can't control.

Hello! I'm not the one that decided to book 5 expos in a four week period.

Oh and that contract you were bitching about...I do believe you're the one who signed it...not me.

I work my ass off. I work long hard hours. And my boss complains when I get the special treatment and not him. Hello! I work with these people on a regular basis. They only communicate with you at the expo!

Something's gotta give. I can't live or work like this.

1 comment:

Joni said...

:kicks your boss in the shins for you: