Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Too Close To Home

I've been reading.

A lot.

It helps that we get a lot of books here at the office that come in for potential reviews and that there is never enough space allocated for the all of the books that come in.

Well one of them caught my eye. The first third? Very engrossing. Delightfully wicked.

That's as far as I've gotten because the last few pages the blog post says..."too close to home."

So close in fact that it was as if the writer knew my two friends (whom I shall call "Rebecca" and "Lisa") and all of their sorted laundry.

"Rebecca" was from California and had a pretty comfortable lifestyle there. Her parents had pretty high expectations (or so Rebecca claimed) and she never felt like she could live up to them or that she wasn't living up to them. She latched herself onto "Lisa," older than Rebecca by maybe 12 years or so who is very self assured and pretty much is someone that you just don't forget once you meet them. Rebecca pretty much wanted to become Lisa to the point where she wanted Lisa to come up with a "style" for her, become her, etc etc.

In the book, Carla tells Mikki that she admires her and wants to know what she does or what it is about her that makes people admire her, draw them to her, make them in awe of her, etc. Carla, the daughter of a famous film director (and she never thinks she can live up to that image of the director's daughter), latches herself onto Mikki, and wonders why Mikki is out having "fun" without her.

It mirrored Rebecca and Lisa perfectly. Rebecca would wonder why Lisa and I even talked on the phone and anything that would interject me into their "friendship" was horrific to Rebecca because it was as if I was taking Lisa away from her.

So reading those did it hit close to home. It kinda made me wonder if I should continue reading...I probably will. Mario (the narrator) made it clear that he murders Carla so I guess I have to read on to figure out how and why.
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