Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Squeeze Play



Wiggle wiggle.

I'm on the G train going home from work and I'm now scrunched against the seat barrier that's keeping me from falling onto the floor. The very large Eastern European man whose ass is the size of Alaska has forced himself into a space the size of Delaware. And I'm the victim.

The book that I was reading has closed because my shoulders have been squeezed together and making it hard to keep reading my book. My legs are forced together in a very uncomfortable position to the point where my thighs start wondering if I'll even be able to stand if I tried.

I catch the eye of the guy sitting across from me who sees me in my predicament and catches my eyeroll of disdain. We share a smile and a silent giggle with each other as he's probably remembering when he was put into that same position. Finally, just to give my body a little relief and comfort I stand up just so I'm not pinned against a wall. The train, which has yet to begin its route, finally starts to move.

I feel blood circulation starting to return to my legs.
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