Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Scratch that...

Text message received this morning:

"Sorry I missed u. **** and I were on the phone and officially dating."

So what does this mean. That post I wrote on Jan 27 about 2006 being one heck of a year...yeah...I was wrong. And that post from Jan 23 where I pretty much put myself out there on a limb...a waste of time.

If you read this, and I'm pretty sure you will, I really do wish you the best. I just wish I had know **** existed so it wouldn't have hurt as much as it did when I got your text message. After getting dumped via email last year to have something like this told to me via text message and not, at the very least over the phone, was unnecessary and, in my mind at least, a little cruel.

Of course, you do have to realize that I'm now going to question that trip down to Atlantic City with your sister this weekend. I cleared my schedule for the entire freakin' weekend so I could spend time with you and get to know you better. When you IM'd me (again you can't pick up a phone?) to say that you were heading to Atlantic City, I'll admit it, I was VERY disappointed because I did want to see you. I wanted to spend time with you. The conversations we had in the past week led me to believe that, at the very least, there was interest on your part and that this could be the start of something big between us.

I really do hope this works out for you. I hope you and **** are very happy because to be totally honest I'm not happy and I don't plan on pretending to be happy for you. This does hurt more than I thought it would because I was at least given the glimmer of hope. I spent too much time after that date wondering what was wrong with me as a person after our first date when you pretty much flaked on me and our conversations lacked the spark that they did and I thought you just weren't interested after meeting me.

What hurts even more is how casually you did this. Text messages. Instant messages. I probably would have respected your decision a bit more if you had actually talked to me on the phone rather than get a cold, emotionless text message. A text message, mind you, where you don't even bother to apologize or acknowledge the fact that I put myself and my feelings on the line and in a far more public manner than I probably should have because now I'm writing you this because I know that you will come back here again to see what I have to say about this new revelation.

So...my phone number that you deleted from your phone that you just put back in that Sunday. Go ahead and delete it again. My instant messenger ID should probably go as well. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I'm not letting you make a third attempt.
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