Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ugh....I hate making decisions....

Okay....so as I said in an earlier post (now that I have calmed down from this morning's hysterics), I have screwed up ever so slightly on my bed and breakfast stays for my trip to Italy. There was a minor misjudgment in when my hiking tour ended and I am left without accomodations for one day.

Now, I could stay here in the Brunelleschi Room for 80 euro a night and it's somewhat near the train station. Maybe a 15 minute walk. This would be good for the days that I plan on heading out to Siena and Pisa since I don't know when I will be returning. On the bad side, it looks like an IKEA showroom.

My other option is that I spend one night here in their PINK room at 90 euro a night and then I move over to my normal establishment for the next three days here in the Thomas room (or at least that's the room that I have requested) at 80 euro a night.

The third option (if it comes through) is that I just stay in the Pink Room the entire time at 90 euro a night.

The views in the first one are magnificent if not breathtaking. The Pink Room offers its own private terrace which overlooks the roofs of Florence. The Thomas room has some great decor, exposed beam ceiling, and a second story sleeping loft. All of them have breakfast and a private bath with shower. It's a tough call people.


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