Monday, August 22, 2005


So the first round of the socks that I paid $50 for (and still can't believe that I paid that much just for SOCKS!) have arrived and I must say that they are VERY soft.

The sole of the socks are slightly padded to allow for a bit more comfort and help keep blisters from appearing on my feet as well which is definitely a good thing. Now, as for actually wearing them, I haven't done that as of yet but I'll probably give them a try before I head off for nine days of hiking.

Speaking of which, I totally miscounted the number of days in the trip and planned my arrival back into Florence a day later than it actually will be -- so I'm currently stuck without any accomodations for one day in Florence. I'm going back to the website where I booked where I'll be staying for the rest of my time in Florence (and sadly they can't accomodate me for one day prior) and have sent out about 25 requests for prices for a one day stay before I move to my permanent digs. Some people have questioned whether or not I should just look for a place that can host me for the entire stay but considering that I like the B&B where I will ultimately be staying (and I got a good price on it) I'd rather not look for another place if I can help it.

On the good side, it does give me an extra day to plan out and not try to rush around the Italian countryside shoving everything into 2 and a half days.
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