Monday, March 07, 2005

Pins and Needles

Apparently today is the day that we find out what our annual raise and bonus are going to be. Since I've pretty much been given the shaft on both for the last two years (well maybe not the bonus the first year) I'm going into whatever meeting is going to be held not expecting to get anything.

I think it's safer that way.

What I will talk about for the time being is her birthday bash this past weekend. I had a total blast and met a bunch of new, fun people as well as reconnecting with people that I kinda sorta recognized when I first entered but didn't know if I wanted to go, " that you?"

For the most part there was eating, drinking, laughing, and an entertaining, somewhat dramatic reading from Valley of the Dolls made all the more hysterical by the fact that we read it after inhaling helium. I wish I could have held in the helium longer but after about two words I was busting out laughing.

I guess what I really enjoyed about the party (more than the booze, food, and celebrating all that is Zeebah's 30th birthday) was the ability to connect with new people and learn from them and their experiences. Laughing about our communal backgrounds and how really and truly a small world New York can really be (who knew that she and I shared so many friends?). It was the perfect way to end a week and even walking home at three in the morning, wide awake and totally sober mind you, I had this huge smile on my face just remembering the fun of the night.

So...I'm up for some bocce...just name the time and place...
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