Monday, January 28, 2008

Dear Merrill Lynch,

You can fuck off and die.

All of you.

Well except my friend and her mom who still work there who are cool....UNLIKE THE REST OF YOUR EMPLOYEES!!!

This is your third time that you've done something to my account that has put more than a little inconvenience in my life. Let's not even talk about the two instances where you supposedly sent me a new debit card because my account was "compromised" and I only found out when my old card failed to work despite me having a pretty nice balance in there.

And this little stunt....

Well you've gone too far this time buckos....

By the end of February you and are finally going to part ways...something we should have done a long time ago.

You're useless to me. And have been for some time...

I know I'm not the biggest account you have but, at the very least, I am a client and have been for about 12, maybe 13 years. I've already opened an account with another bank and will be making a transfer to them this Friday when I get paid. Then, when I get my checks, I will be turning EVERYTHING over to them.

And you can suck it.



And I hope you choke on it too.

So yeah,'s a good thing you have a bull as a logo....because you're nothing but bull....shit that is....


That's about it. You can suck it.

Then again that's pretty much what you have to do to get ahead in that company isn't it?

Hugs and kisses,

Brian the 646Guy, soon-to-be ex-Merrill Lynch client

PS Oh yeah...SUCK IT!!!!
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