Monday, May 14, 2007

Subway Conversations

On the L Train this morning I took part in this conversation as I entered the train at Bedford Avenue and reached up to grab onto the bar. Stupid Bitch was standing in front of me as I was reaching up.

Stupid Bitch: (sighs) I hope you used deoderant this morning.

646Guy: Do you want me to shove your nose into armpit to find out?

Stupid Bitch (horrified): No!

646Guy: Then you may want to keep those comments to yourself.


KipEsquire said...

I would be more delicate yet more sociopathic: "If I didn't, then you're always free to sit somewhere else. I certainly wouldn't mind that..."

I think I like your choice better though...

Anonymous said...

Brian...were you upset because you actually forgot to put on deodorant that day? :)
miss you..


Anonymous said...

Now I wish I had the balls to say something like that!