Monday, February 19, 2007

Workout Regime...I Mean Regimen...

I ran into some friends I hadn't seen in a while after the gym today. Last time I saw them was back in October when I was working mammoth hours at the office and not going to the gym at all. My eating habits sucked and I had packed on some weight. They noticed that I had slimmed down a bit and wanted to know what I was doing since their New Year's resolutions to tone up weren't panning out as planned.

So here's what I told them I do (and mind you, it's modified to reflect my new trainer/cardio schedule that kicks in next week but it will, at the very least, give you an idea of what I'm doing...)

Day 1 AM -- One hour of cardio (mix of elliptical and treadmill)
Day 1 PM -- 1/2 hour cardio warm up, One hour of hard weights with the trainer
Day 2 AM -- One hour of cardio (mix of stair climber and treadmill)
Day 2 PM -- One hour Boxing Class, 45 minutes of weights
Day 3 AM -- One hour of cardio (mix of elliptical and bike)
Day 3 PM -- 1/2 cardio warm up, one hour of hard weights with the trainer
Day 4 AM -- One hour of cardio (mix of bike and treadmill)
Day 4 PM -- One hour Boxing Class, 45 minutes of weights
Day 5 AM -- One hour of cardio (mix of elliptical and stair climber)
Day 6 -- NOTHING
DAY 7 -- NOTHING (option for an hour of cardio if I'm in the mood to rollerblade through the neighborhood)

The fun part was telling my friends how much weight I had lost. They were banking on 25 pounds but in reality it's only 10 which is primarily due to muscle gain. I can see a bit more definition in my arms and chest and my stomach, while never perfect, is slowly getting flatter. My legs, I must admit, look pretty awesome (mainly because I never cheat on the calf machines).

On the good side, I've reconciled myself to the fact that I'm never going to have a twink body or the size 30 waist I've coveted since high school. However, I know that my total weight loss goal is definitely within reach. I'm setting small benchmark goals along the way as well -- May 4th for when I go to my cousin's wedding in Florida; August 10th when I head back for my second trip to the West Coast for our erotic show; and December 19th when I head to Florida to spend Christmas with the family. The plan is to drop 10 pounds by each target date so by the time I get to Costa Rica on December 27, I will be at my target weight and then it's just maintenance and development. Sure, I'll always be over 200 pounds and probaly won't make it below 200 in my life, but if I can manage my weight going forward, it's going to make things a lot better.

I need new pics though to show off the changes...

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