Sunday, October 01, 2006


I'm sure we've all seen the stories about Mark Foley, the Congressional rep from Florida who resigned amidst an email/instant message scandal. Here's my message to you:

Just come out already.

There's no way you can get away with admitting to having a sexual fetish for steam rooms, talk about a 16 year old's butt, and of course how hard your cock is and then still try to claim to be straight.

Oh, and to Republican leadership who knew about this for over a's my message to you:

If you're such a defender of family values and are a defender of the "family" then I think you need to explain why you chose to cover up for one of your own when they were propositioning Congressional pages online. It's not okay for two men to get married, but it's okay for your cronies to talk about teenage boys and their masturbation techniques. I want you to explain this to me.
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