Friday, March 03, 2006

Major suckitude

The last 36 hours have sucked.

I had to work late last night and attend a series of meetings to go over documentation and review a bunch of numbers that have been stuck in my head for the last 2 years. I was dead tired and wound up getting on a train that proceeded to have to wait ten feet in front of my transfer station because of traffic congestion ahead caused by a sick passenger. Or a murder investigation. Or something like that. That got me home at 11pm last night and I was starving since I was so freakin' tired and the food I had eaten previously was sucked into whatever energy I was putting out that night.

I slowly made my way home and up the steps to the apartment when disaster struck. I couldn't find my keys.

I turned my bag inside out and practically stripped naked on the front steps trying to find my keys.


I rang the bell and prayed my roommate was home. No answer. Figured he must be asleep and tried to call him.

Direct to voicemail.

I rang the bell of my upstairs neighbor who has the spare keys. No answer. I look up and can see that her TV is on so she has to be there. I try ringing again. No answer. I try calling her. Direct to voicemail. I yell in my best Marlon Brando "Stella!" voice for her. No answer. I ring her bell three times. Nothing. I start throwing the newspapers they throw on our stoop at her window.


At this point it's abotu 1130 and I'm ready to totally lose it. I ring one more time and pray she answers before I have to break a window and climb through it. FINALLY she answers.

I profusely thank her (while simultaneously cursing under my breath for my stupidity) and get inside the apartment. Roommate decided to spend the night at the BFs apartment which explains why there was no answer. I get inside my apartment and tear it to shreds looking for my keys thinking they are at home.

Nothing and I have a big pile of clothes on my floor now.

I decide that I had to have left them at work and that maybe I left them in the bathroom since I used it before I left.

Nope. Nothing there.

No keys were turned into HR or the Administration office. I'm freaking out now because the PO Box key for my rugby team is on that key ring, the mailbox key to my apartment is on that key ring, of course my apartment keys are all on there...basically I'm having a shit fit at my desk.

I just got up to leave for the day and I start throwing my cell phone and wallet into my bag and I hear this "clunk" sound. I reach into the side pocket that I swore I checked last night in my frantic rush.


Life sucks.

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