Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Written in the stars

Courtesy of my good friend AJ...

Your Solar Return will take place in NYC, on Sept 16 at 1:24pm. (I assume your flight does not leave until night.)

You're kicking the year off right w/ a trip, because the Sun and Mercury are conjunct in the ninth house of Travel, Higher Learning, and Foreign Place, People, and Languages. Couple that with Sag Rising, and that Sag rules the ninth house, and you have a good year for taking up a new subject or visitng new places or learning a foreign language.

Jupiter, which also rules the ninth, is in the tenth house of Career, so look for some lucky opportunities to pop up, which might be related to where you're going, what you're learning. The Moon and Uranus conjunct in the third mean your emotions might be a bit of a roller coaster and might surprise people. You've got them in Pisces, so you could be more psychic, intuitive, or feel a greater need to help others.

Your Solar Return is almost at the Full Moon, which you'll have it over you in Italy the next night! The third house rules siblings (does one of your parents have a younger partner who could provide one?) and, more likely applicable here, communications. Writing, speaking, which tie back into the learning a foreign language or seeing new faces and places.

Venus in the 11th house of Friends and Social Groups says you'll be a social butterfly and quite enjoy it. Mars in the fifth house of Romance, Pregnancy, and Gambling says romance could be hot and sexual, and if you fuck a woman, you'll get her pregnant. ;-)

The only downer is Pluto in the first house of Self. You could be moody at times, pondering deep psychological issues. But Pluto wants to help you get over them, so ultimately, it's all for the good. It will also make you intense and insightful.

And then in regards to someone that I am kinda sorta pursuing....

Hmm, nothing screams, "Run away!" or "Your One True Love." This will be what you make of it. Nice stuff include his Pluto conjunct your Sun, showing a karmic connection. But it's also close to your Mars, meaning there can be some earth-shaking fighting...and love-making.

His Uranus conjuncts your Moon-Pluto conjunction in Libra means you find him exciting and liberating, and he might liberate you to a new home. (BTW, the next six weeks or so are big for you and home, w/ your stacked natal 4th house being transited by lots of planets in Virgo and Libra. You'll probably stay in touch w/ home base while you're away in Europe, and maybe spruce up your pad and/or entertain there.)

His Mars in Aquarius trine your Mercury in Libra adds feisty communications, and his Venus in Gem trine your Merc adds loving words. This can work, but it'll b/c you want it to.

You're in the mood for romance, and maybe even feeling a little more pimp daddy than one would expect from a Virgo. In your Progressed Chart, planets are shifting from fourth house of home and family and mother into fifth house of romance, pregnancy, father, and brain children and other big projects. The next two months look to be big as the Progressed Moon conjuncts the Prog Vertex.
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