Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Kindred spirits

This week I began exchanging emails with a friend of mine who lives in the South as he is most likely coming to NYC this winter.

He is what I term a “flirty friend” as there is a certain degree of mutual attraction, however, knowing the distance between us and how much we love our respective cities, any hope for a relationship is rather nil. When I firts met him, he was much more attractive in person than some of the pics I had seen had led me to believe. Not just in the physical sense but the emotional and spiritual side as well. He's one of those people that you meet who you just know are inherently “good” and someone you want to be around. Well despite my best flirting and a few other factors, he wound up sorta hooking up with someone else but ultimately not going through with the full deed for a multitude of reasons for which you have to totally repect him for (remember the whole “good” thing)...

Anyway, when he mentioned coming up to NYC I happened to male note of the fact that he did not mention the really hot guy he was dating during one of our prior conversations. Of course then I feared that I had overstepped a sdmall line that friends should not cross and made a joke about changing the subject to kumquats (naturally).

Thankfully being the good guy that he is, he didn't feel I was prying (or he would have told me I was) and explained his current “single” situation which happens to mirror, in some ways, my former situation with SuitMan. He also expressed a general dislike for kumquats, which, being a friend, I can overlook, and I then suggested cherries as an alternative.

He wrote back with “Love cherries and you ;-D” which of course I took in the platonic love sense. But probably the most interesting part came when he saidf that he and I were “kindred spirits” as we both share a lot of the same qualities. Prepared to be shocked folks because for the first time EVER, I didn't try to read a hidden message in what was said.

My response was pretty much, “Sigh...if we only lived in the same city huh???”

The truth of the matter is I do sometimes wonder if it would be different between us if he was living here...or me down there. I do think that he and I could make an amazing couple not onlu because of the unconditional support we offer each other but also because we've seen each other give it to others on a regular basis. But, I also know that our distance situation is not going to change any time soon and I respect that.

I guess the best part of it all is knowing that, at the very least, I personally know who my kindred spirit is and that, at the very least, we're here for each other in the best way that we possibly can with no expectations or constraints on our relationship.

And just knowing that is kinda nice...

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