Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Your questions answered...

Someone (who shall remain anonymous) just emailed me to ask if I had spoke to SuitMan since this and this posting. I figured I might as well answer for a few other people who have asked and I've kinda put off answering them.

The answer is no. I have been in his general vicinity at least once but have not made any effort to contact him. It's not out of hatred or anger or anything like that. It's more or less because I don't feel the need to interact with him on any level. What happened still hurts and has, somewhat, shattered my ability to trust people with my emotions. I am, however, working through that much better than I thought I would and am somewhat considering the dating world again.

As for the bear...from what I was told, he went through some voodoo ritual to remove whatever bad mojo might have been lingering from that entire chapter of my life and is currently living the life of luxury on a pillow top mattress.

So...anything else you care to ask? It's your rare chance to ask me whatever you want and I'll probably answer it...


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