Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I'm trying...

I'm trying to maintain some resemblance of a sane person.

I'm trying not to tell people EXACTLY what I feel...especially people that I have to work with.

I'm trying to not take things so personally.

I'm trying to make people understand the way I do things...even if they don't like the way that I do them.

I'm trying to keep from wrapping my fingers around a few throats and strangling them until their eyeballs pop out and I can use them for marbles.

I'm trying not to get upset when people are actually taking initiative on item that has already been decided, negotiated, and paid for and there's not much room (if any) for discussion.

I'm trying to look at the initiative taking as something positive.

I'm trying to rationalize why it wasn't done earlier.

I'm trying to feel better about myself.

I'm trying not to get stressed out and give myself a heart attack.

I'm trying to work out more to take care of the stress.

I'm trying to eat better.

I'm trying to feel better about myself and who I am...

I'm trying....
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