Tuesday, November 30, 2004


I got an email a few minutes ago telling me that a slate of free tix to see
'night Mother
with Edie Falco and Brenda Blethyn were available and if I wanted in. Who do I call?

Mr. Swoonage.

Mind you, before Thanksgiving he was open to doing dinner so calling him up to see if he was interested in seeing the show wasn't so far removed of a step considering that he and I had discussed theatre before with different shows that we had seen. On the good side, he was very interested in going to see the show (and I could only hope that his interest in seeing me as well would be equal to that of the show as well) but he couldn't commit as he had a work event that evening but he would try to get out of it but he wouldn't know for another hour.

Sadly, though, the block of tickets evaporated and I had to email him that they were gone but if another slate came up would he be interested...

As for SkiGuy...we were going to try to get together last Saturday but that fell through and he said he would call so we can set something else up. I'm going to be good though...I'm going to make him call me this time...
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