Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My New Workout Partner

Okay, so my client is this gym that doesn't have many locations but has one in midtown. They gave me a free year membership (which means I don't have to pay $78 a month for NYSC for a year but just a $15 monthly freeze fee). I already did one work out with a trainer which left my legs shaking and nothing but jelly and went back last night for one on my own.

And that's when I found my new workout partner.

Yep. Stabler works out at my gym. I've already seen him in person before when I worked a Comedy Central event he was a presenter at and he definitly knows how to pick out jeans that accent his great ass pefectly.

Anyhoo, I was on the elliptical machine when I saw him come in and ultimately I had to move to another machine because 1) I realized I was staring more than I should and 2) I really couldn't focus on my workout with this super hot man about 7 feet away from me doing bicep curls.

Oh well. The perils of life.

For those of you visiting from NY Mag's Intelligencer, the answer for me was SVU for the sole reason that I didn't watch very many episodes of Oz and therefore could not remember his character's name. And, Mr. Meloni, should you be reading this, I know I've already hired the trainer there, know....


mickeyitaliano said...

I'd basically be one ripped bastard because I would be at that gym all the time.

celspi said...

OMG Brian! It's (R***) aka celynn/cel from the HoE list. What a small world! I found your post via a Meloni LJ community... how cool!

Hope all is continuing to go well for you. Take care!

Tesa said...

It's an even smaller world. I don't know Brian, but I know the Meloni LJ community celspi speaks of, and mickeyitaliano is basically the only blogger, outside of LJ, that I've ever communicated with.

See how Chris Meloni brings together people from all over the world? ;)

Joni said...

YAY you're back :)

First of all Cel - how the heck did you not have this link?

And damn Melani is freaking hot.