Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Good Morning, Charlie

Yesterday a friend of mine made the comparison to three of us as Charlie's Angels and which one did he say I was...

"Brian is the slutty blonde one....and Jorge is the sexy Jacklyn Smith one....so that leaves me the brown haired dorky one?....smile..."

The slutty blonde one??? Farrah? Me???

I mean I always thought of myself as the Sabrina type for that very reason...because I was always the brown haired dorky one (okay at least when I had hair) and the fact that it was always Sabrina who was bailing out the other two bimbos when they got themselves in trouble. Come on...think about it...who was the one that was saving Farrah when they were at the evil resort spa and they were going to suffocate her with a eucalyptis wrap?


Who was the one that figured out the evil plot with the assassin figure skaters who were going to take out some foreign big wig?


I don't think I need to go any further...

Apparently, I have this slutty quality about me that either I don't recognize, realize, or use to its fullest potential.

Or so I was told.

Just call me Farrah I guess.

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