Friday, June 23, 2006

Job! it's a lower base salary than where I was (a lot lower) but the commission part of it should help mitigate that. As my friend Posatron (my nickname for her) has said, I needed my world shaken up in a big way. And boy did I get it...

On Monday morning I start working in the expo/event planning industry. I start off on the sales side of it first since I have to learn that part of the industry and show I can do it well before they will give me my first show to run. Everyone says that I'll be very good at sales but, of course, I have my own doubts about it because...well...I'm human and prone to self doubt.

On the plus side of it, I'm in an industry that I want to be in. The job will be challenging and I will see immediate rewards based upon my sales work. We all know I love a challenge so this will definitely be right up my alley. With the group expanding from six expos this year to 12 next year and potentially 20+ in 2008, I could be doing my own shows within a year. It's a very small department so the room for advancement is pretty good. Also, I can wear kilts to the office. An even bigger plus!

On the bad side, it is a lower base salary. I'll have to cut back on a few perks. Maybe ditch the blackberry for a regular cell phone. But it's a job and if I can hang with this for a while and make it work for me, I'll be a happy man.
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