Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A kinda funny yet gross subway story

Today at lunch I opted for the Chipolte Chicken Chili...of course that means I also opted for a fierce case of gas as it turned out.

Nothing I have taken has helped to alleviate was my sister once referred to as "vaporous exceretions."

So there I was on the subway trying to hold in a doozy of internal combustion when I decided that I would manuever myself to the door and let it fly onto the platform and not stink up the car. I tried to time it so it would let loose as the doors closed.

I'm timing and timing and timing and when I hear the ding that the door is going to close, I let it rip.

At that exact same moment an Upper East Side/Park Avenue rich bitch forces her way onto the car as the doors start to close.

And I farted all over her.

For the record this is my first ever post about farts but I just had to share.

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