Thursday, October 20, 2005

Spam -- It's the Mystery Mail!

Gotta love emails that come from Modelled E. Symbol and read like this:

Hi Brian the 646 Guy

Do you like seexx, but reip? If yes this site is for y0u! Here you 'll be satisfied by vio1ent
forrced seexx slte action! On this slte U can find 1 gb hard rappe ph0tos &
about 3 gb eexclusiv movies of resistant victims & bloody $Seexxualcontacts with different weapons, handcuffs assault & battery of victims. Admirers of vio'lent
sseexx scenes are very pleased with this s!te. Simply visit this site

See the m0st brut@1p0rrn in the world. Bleeding femalle bodies. Women nnaked and humi1iated, f00rced & torn, crue11y used, & def1orated. More blood than you will see on any other site. !
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