Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Case of the Returning TV

I was reading his post about his couch (oh and by the way, it was great meeting you this past weekend in NYC...wish I didn't have to leave so soon due to the bus leaving for the rugby tourney at 7am the next day).....anyway, was reading his post and it reminded me of the TV that I threw away...or so I thought....

I had this TV that I brought up with me from Florida when I moved to NYC back in 1998. This TV was ANCIENT. We're talking not cable ready ancient and we'd had it in the family since probably the late 80s if not more. Worked great. No complaints. When I moved from my apartment from Fort Lee, NJ, and into the apartment in Queens, I bought a new TV for the living room and was going to keep that TV in my bedroom.

The thing is...I never used the old TV in my bedroom. It just took up space. Finally, I just got rid of it and knowing how my neighborhood goes (and the neighborhood I live in now), if you want to get rid of something major and you put it on the street, someone will take it. One TV gone. I put it outside around 9pm and sure enough by 1am it was gone. Not that I was watching the window or anything, but I was one of those late night people who had a job that didn't require them to be in until 10am so I could go to bed late. I got a little curious as I was about to shove off to bed and happened to look down onto the street and saw it was gone.

No worries. Time goes by. Ancient TV is soon forgotten.

Almost a year later I'm leaving the apartment to go to work and I see a TV sitting on the sidewalk. It's the ancient TV I thought I had given up for good. Somehow, the magical TV fairies had returned it to in front of my apartment (and quite conveniently on trash day too). When I asked the Psycho landlady who lived downstairs below me about it, she was as clueless as I was about it. She thought that I just put it there that morning or the week before. No...it was MANY MONTHS before.

It's never been explained and all of my calls to NBC's Unsolved Mysteries went unanswered. As for the TV, I left it there for the trash people to collect. At least I think that's who ultimately took it. For all I know, it could be in someone's bedroom right now.
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